WHITE PAK was founded in 1989 and started as a manufacturer of leather gloves in inception it only manufactured gloves but after some years an evolution came out to make work and welding wears. Now WHITE PAK has become the professional leading manufacturers of all type of industrial working gloves & wears, sports gloves & wears, and welding wears & accessories for the customers to meet their needs.

WHITE PAK team worked extremely hard to establish WHITE PAK as the brand to the international market and we intend to preserve and enhance upon this recognition status. WHITE PAK ensured quality, durability, novelty and prompt delivery in the factory premises located in Sialkot include a leather tannery, fully equipped with modern machinery, having skilled craftsmen and technical advisors, management and administrative office.

WHITE PAK team is continuously providing excellent and prompt services and is always ready to hear & help out its client by hearing their requirements. We encourage our customers to appraise us and we are positive that we will not only meet their expectations but exceed them as well.
WHITE PAK is the Tanners, Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters of leather gloves & wears, industrial safety gloves & wears and sports gloves & wears.

A Family of Brands.